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Matthew Wood
$8.00 / month

Monthly Materia Medica Class and Discussion

Monthly Materia Medica - discussing a new herb each month: Properties, Energetics and much more! Attend live each month or enjoy the recording and growing catalog of past classes.

Matthew Wood and Sean Donahue
$15.00 / month

Holistic Herbal Evaluation: Body, Soul, and Spirit (Monthly Class)

Clinical skills are the most difficult to develop in herbal medicine and the least available in the educational realm. Two experienced herbalists, Matthew Wood and Sean Donahue, are pioneering an online approach to alternative, holistic, and trad...

$85.00 / month

The Herb Course Bundle

Save 50%...

Matthew Wood

Intermediate-Advanced Herbal Medicine Course

After a hiatus of several years, Matthew Wood will again be teaching his course on intermediate and advanced herbal medicine directed towards a knowledge of tissue states and organ systems, especially the "master systems" in modern disease...

Matthew Wood


Enjoy this growing library of free videos from Master Herbalist Matthew Wood!

Matthew Wood

The Musculoskeletal System, Chronic Pain and Lyme Disease

[Matthew] "...do you use pain relief herbs or do you simply cure the condition so the pain is relieved?" 'The latter', she said. 'That is my experience. I don't use "pain meds," I use remedies that cure the underlying condition to remove the pain.'"