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first aid for herbalists

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First Aid for Herbalists

with Matthew Wood, MS & Phyllis D. Light, MA

Bumps, scrapes, burns… it’s a part of life.

There are times when a person must go to the doctor, but there are many times when we can take care of ourselves and family at home or in the field.

Did you know that you can aid the majority of common accidents naturally, with herbs? Many of these herbs are easy to find, growing nearby!

Learn which herbs to use and how to confidently apply them.
first aid for herbalists

Herbs A - Z

with Matthew Wood, MS & Guests

Looking for one of the best herbalist courses for all levels? Learn with our A-Z herb classes.
Upcoming Classes
  • Burdock and Dandelion: Great Weeds, Great Herbs
  • Plantain, Chickweed, and Arnica: Herbs for External Use
  • Red Root and Violet Leaf: Gentle Lymphatics
  • Skullcap, Motherwort, and Lemon Balm: Three Mints
  • Yellow Dock Root, Gentian, and Chamomile: Digestive Remedies
a to z materia medica

Covid & Friends

with Matthew Wood, MS & Phyllis D Light, MA

With COVID & Friends (influenza, strep throat, seasonal allergies, common cold, etc) in our environment, Matt and Phyllis recognize that our communities are still in as much need as ever. They have set up this series to:

  • host a monthly check-in with the community
  • describe and compare their experiences and those of their clients, friends, and families
  • share remedies that have been working for them and others
  • answer questions & open dialogue with you!
covid & friends

Free Classes

Doctrine of Signatures

Enjoy exploratory and interactive classes as Leigh guides us in discovering the signatures of new herbs; encouraging and helping students to see the plant world through new eyes. At the end of each month, Leigh will present a LIVE online summary of what the online groups discovered, along with her studies and insights.

It's FREE! Anyone can join in the discussion on the Doctrine of Signatures Facebook Group or MWIH Community. This is the main form of interaction BEFORE the live class. The live class is available on-demand for 1 week.

You can also purchase access to enjoy the archive of all previous Doctrine of Signature Classes.

Doctrine of Signatures trillium

Classes for All Levels

Community or Clinical Herbalism Options

Not sure which classes to take for your professional or family-and-friends herbal practice? See the GUIDE for suggestions.

Subscription Courses

One great monthly price with lots of amazing content.
Many available a la carte too.

Unique Online Herbal Education 

taught and curated by 

World-Renowned Herbalist & Author 

Matthew Wood

Grow your herbal education by leaps and bounds with online herbal education from the Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism.

Other benefits include: 

  1. Herbal Study Programs with the  freedom to explore
  2. Options to study at your own pace
  3. Live, online, and recorded classes (all classes are recorded!)
  4. Learn from a variety of knowledgeable & experienced instructors
  5. Affordable payment options
  6. Online help from herbalism teachers
  7. Free, lifetime access to a private, online herbal community
  8. Certificates designed and signed by Matthew are available

 Recent Blog Posts

matthew wood

"...medicine, to be holistic and curative, must include 
mythic elements to 
satisfy the soul and spirit."
- Matthew Wood

Mission Statement

Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism

The focus of Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism is on a spiritual practice of herbalism, healing, and medicine.  The main points in this approach are an overall emphasis on Nature as a Living Being, acknowledging the body, soul, and spirit, the four directions or elements, the seven lessons of the medicine path (described below), and the plants themselves.  This is undertaken from a vitalist, holistic, natural, and traditional perspective. 

The Living Nature (anima mundi) is experienced through the heart, both as a loving presence and as a fountain of wisdom.  In order to practice herbalism, healing, and medicine in a sacred way we need to understand the basic principles by which Nature regulates her creatures.  The traditional name for this knowledge is natura sophia (Nature Wisdom).

The Living Nature encompasses the mineral, plant, animal, and human worlds.  As an herbal program, our emphasis is on the plant world, which provides so many of our great healing remedies.  However, the animal world is also of great importance because it is the source of our animal vitality (vital force or qi), senses, instincts, emotions, and dreams.  We sleep and dream only because we are warm-blooded animals.  Internal exploration shows that the dream world is the spirit world; this is an age-old teaching of shamanism, Native spirituality, and the Nature Wisdom tradition.  The human adds just self-consciousness and self-determination (a two-edged sword). 

So we also need to study the animal world. This includes the vital forcewhich is also equivalent to the animal self (the double with which we co-walk during life in the body), the so-called etheric body, light-body, or energy body.  It is the actualization of the animal self in dreamtime that allows us to have eyes and ears in the spirit world, for the animal world is the source of sensory awareness.  The animal carries the human into the spirit world.  This is why the eternal symbol of the shaman is the Human/Animal.  This is known as the Old, Old Path, innate to the Living Nature.  This is not a religion but an experience.  

The mineral world adds the physical Earth, which we need to learn to approach in a sacred manner, with regard to our growing, picking, and selection of herbal medicines, and our living upon the surface.  

Thus, Nature Wisdom encompasses the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire), also the fifth (spirit, inspiration).  It also teaches us that the medicine of Nature is based on natural laws.  These include the law of action and reaction (“karma”), manifesting as the great therapeutic laws of similars (like to like) and contraries (hot to cold).  Healing proceeds from the “touch of the essence,” through similarity or opposition, then continues through the healing principle of the law of direction of cure and the law of the healing crisis.  These three constitute the basic directives for healing from an innately spiritual perspective, in alignment with the Living Nature.  There are, however, a total of seven laws, the higher four constituting therapeutic letting go, therapeutic sight, therapeutic grabbing hold, and therapeutic authority and responsibility.    

These seven principles also correspond to the organizational themes of spiritual life, the seven levels or rungs on the shamanic ladder (“Jacob’s ladder”), which led us to self-knowledge and the opening of spiritual vision.  For this reason, therefore, our curriculum also offers material on the spiritual journey through life.   

These are the principles of Nature Wisdom and the way our school of herbal medicine is organized.  A secondary mission will be to collect and offer materials relating to the history of herbalism and herbal practitioners in the last several generations.       


Matthew Wood, MSC (Herbal Medicine), Registered Herbalist (AHG)
Lowgap, North Carolina
9:35 am, Jan. 30, 2019


by J. H.

I am loving the courses offered at the Matthew Wood Institute. Thank you so much for the relatable stories that help with remembering the information. Real-world uses and a great atmosphere. I value the information with clear explanations with a solid understanding of the herbs and why each one is used for what purpose. Thank you.


I am so grateful for all the fantastic medicinal uses of herbs and being able to learn them here. The combination of the Herbs A-Z, Herbal Medicine Making, and Plant Walks plus The Library courses I'm enrolled in are wonderful. I am learning every day; TY TY TY!


This website is extraordinary in all ways - packed with incredible info, easy to use and so exciting! Bless you for all the upfront hard work you did to make this happen for us learners. I’m truly impressed and super excited to get going with all of this. Please forward my profound thanks to Matthew!!! A VERY BIG wow!!!

Annette W.

...a huge thanks to Matthew for sharing his wisdom (and the many freebie offers, too!). I have all of his books and use them so often as a reference. Especially the Book of Herbal Wisdom is my favorite even after reading and rereading for 5+ years. Many herbalist programs miss the history, acknowledging the native peoples and nature´s spiritual side. I am so glad I found your programs which include all of them - a truly holistic view on herbs.


These classes are the best herbal education I could have hoped for! All my gratitude for this fantastic platform; every teacher is so excellent!!
untied plant savers