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The Undying Flame of
Herbal Medicine

The Undying Flame of Herbal Medicine is the original God-given, Nature-grown, safe, effective, and simple form of medicine. It is the People’s medicine. Yet practitioners have been persecuted, and modern people have been taught to fear plants and laugh at herbs. Meanwhile, Big Pharma makes more and more expensive, dangerous medicines, which they are now sometimes allowed to release untested. Big Pharma receives billions of dollars in government support; we receive nothing. Indeed, the most popular scientific research on herbs in the US are the attempts to show that simple, long-eaten foods and herbs are dangerous. We labor on in the obscurity of harassment and censorship but our calling is God-given and our love of Nature is unbreakable. We are herbalists, the most ancient of all - what are traditionally called - healers.

  • What is herbalism? 
  • How do we practice and use herbs safely and effectively? 
  • Learn about herbalism and herbalists around the world.
  • What is our legal status? 

This introductory class will be taught by two renowned herbalists, authors, and teachers who have practiced for a combined total of over 75 years - Matthew Wood, MS and Phyllis D. Light MA


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This class is free and will be free for one week AFTER the live webinar. With the above link/button, you can pre-register to join live. You can also use the same link/button to watch the recording on-demand. After the free week is over, the class will be available for purchase.

When: Thursday, August 11th @ 7 - 9 pm US Central (Chicago time)
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Where: We use the online webinar service, Zoom. Webinar links are sent to enrolled students at registration, 1 day, and 1 hour prior to class. See the simple instruction on how to attend on our HELP page.

What is the class like? Classes are held online in a webinar format. Students will view and hear only the teachers and hosts and can participate in the online chat and Q&A.