The Deep Perspective - Herbal Wisdom in Constitutional Assessment

About The Tongue Assessment Course

This is One of Three 3-day weekends constituting a complete course on holistic evaluation skills for herbalists, developed and taught by the foremost people in the field of Herbalism and Holistic Health.

Tongue Assessment

Lise Wolff co-teaches Part 2 of the this 3-part course with Mathew Wood

Matthew writes: “Lise Wolff has been a practicing herbalist for over twenty five years. She has a Masters in Herbal Medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, accredited by the University of Wales, and has taught herbalism at the University of Minnesota and the College of St. Catherine for many years. She is a Professional Member of the American Herbalists’ Guild. Her emphasis in practice is particularly upon specific indications, energetic herbalism (the six tissue states), constitutional analysis, and evaluation from the tongue. She is co-founder, with Erin Piorier, of the Minnesota Herb Festival, a gathering of midwestern herbalists every September.

We encourage students to study the following to get the most out of this course:

  • The 2017 Tongue and Pulse Evaluation course is a preliminary version of this epic course being offered in 2019. It offers 10 hours of content with brave volunteers who offer close-ups of their tongues and helpful feedback.
  • Shamanic Herbalism is a fascinating topic. Gain a solid understanding from one of our earliest courses recorded for the Institute.

Traditional Western Herbalism and Pulse Evaluation: A Conversation by Matthew Wood, MS, Francis Bonaldo, LAc, and Phyllis D. Light, MA, is required reading.

Free Intro Video

Have More Success with Herbal Remedies!

In this FREE 1-hour class Intro to Pulse and Facial Assessment, Matthew shares:

  • Why understanding Pulse, Tongue, and Facial Assessment will set you apart as an herbalist 
  • The origins of Pulse, Tongue, and Facial Assessment 
  • What will be covered in the 6 days of teaching in this course 
  • How to get started with this fascinating and helpful topic 
  • And more!


    1. Welcome Message

    1. Intro. to Tongue Assessment - Special 2.5 class! with Matthew and Phyllis - Video (TongueLW)

    2. Intro. to Tongue Assessment - Special 2.5 class! with Matthew and Phyllis - Audio (TongueLW)

    3. About Non-Downloadable Documents

    4. Tongue Assessment by Phyllis D. Light, MA, Herbalist (TongueLW)

    5. Tongue Assessment Handout and Images from Matthew Wood (TongueLW) Tongue Map - Matthew Wood )1 page; not downloadable); Tongue and Doshas (1 page, not downloadable); Tongue Assessment longer/Holistic Evaluation - Matthew Wood (37 pages, non-downloadable)

    6. Tongue Assessment Notes from Lise Wolff (TongueLW)

    7. Tongue Assessment Images from Lise Wolff (TongueLW)

    8. Herb Walk with Matthew and Lise - Sample (TongueLW)

    9. Day 1 - Webinar Chat Text and Notes (TongueLW)

    10. Day 1 Part 1.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    11. Day 1 Part 1.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    12. Day 1 Part 1.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    13. Day 1 Part 1.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    14. Day 1 Part 2.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    15. Day 1 Part 2.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    16. Day 1 Part 2.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    17. Day 1 Part 2.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    1. Day 2 - Webinar Chat Text and Notes (TongueLW)

    2. Day 2 Part 1.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    3. Day 2 Part 1.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    4. Day 2 Part 1.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    5. Day 2 Part 1.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    6. Day 2 Part 2.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    7. Day 2 Part 2.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    8. Day 2 Part 2.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    9. Day 2 Part 2.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    10. Day 2 Part 2.3 - Herb Walk - Video (TongueLW)

    11. Day 2 Part 2.3 Herb Walk - Audio (TongueLW)

    1. Day 3 - Webinar Chat Text and Notes (TongueLW)

    2. Day 3 Part 1.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    3. Day 3 Part 1.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    4. Day 3 Part 1.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    5. Day 3 Part 1.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    6. Day 3 Part 2.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    7. Day 3 Part 2.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    8. Day 3 Part 2.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    9. Day 3 Part 2.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    1. Tests and Certificates

    2. Herb Walk Test (TongueLW)

    3. Part 1 Test - Tongue Assessment (TongueLW)

    4. Part 2 Test - Plant Indications (TongueLW)

    5. Part 3 Test - Tissue States (TongueLW)

About this course

  • 48 lessons
  • 23 hours of video content


Documents are not downloadable. Please note that Matthew often adds manuscripts of upcoming books and is allowing students early access to these works-in-progress; therefore, they are available as 'view-only' documents and are not downloadable.

Start at any time! Complete the lessons at your own pace.

Certificates designed and signed by Matthew Wood are available for purchase to those who successfully complete all tests with a passing grade of 70% or better. More details regarding herbal course certificates are here.

Tests are multiple-choice, and multiple attempts are permitted.

For those of you seeking clinical hours, we have a list of all classes/courses with corresponding accreditation hours.