The Deep Perspective - Herbal Wisdom in Constitutional Assessment

About The Tongue Assessment Course

This is One of Three 3-day weekends constituting a complete course on holistic evaluation skills for herbalists, developed and taught by the foremost people in the field of Herbalism and Holistic Health.  


Tongue Assessment

Lise Wolff co-teaches Part 2 of the this 3-part course with Mathew Wood

Matthew writes, 

“Lise Wolff has been a practicing herbalist for over twenty five years.  She has a Masters in Herbal Medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, accredited by the University of Wales, and has taught herbalism at the University of Minnesota and the College of St. Catherine for many years.  She is a Professional Member of the American Herbalists’ Guild.  Her emphasis in practice is particularly upon specific indications, energetic herbalism (the six tissue states), constitutional analysis, and evaluation from the tongue.  She is co-founder, with Erin Piorier, of the Minnesota Herb Festival, a gathering of midwestern herbalists every September.”  



"Traditional Western Herbalism and Pulse Evaluation: A Conversation" by Matthew Wood, Francis Bonaldo L.Ac. and Phyllis D. Light M.A. is required reading. Purchase the book here.

Students  are encouraged to study the following to get the most out of this course:

The 2017 Tongue and Pulse Evaluation course is a preliminary version of this epic course being offered in 2019. It offers 10 hours of content with brave volunteers who offer closeups of their tongues and helpful feedback.

Shamanic Herbalism is a fascinating topic. Gain a solid understanding from one of our earliest courses recorded for the Institute. 

These courses are in our Library. Learn more HERE.

Lise Wolff, RH (AHG), MSc

Since 1991, Lise has studied with leading herbalists throughout the United States and has practiced professionally since completing an apprenticeship with Matthew Wood in 1995. Lise is one of only 200 herbalists nationwide to have been approved as a Registered Herbalist, denoting professional level membership in the American Herbalist Guild. The Guild, which assures a standard of excellence for practitioners through a peer review membership process, is the largest professional botanical medicine organization in the United States.

Lise holds a Bachelors Degree from Macalaster College and in 2008 graduated from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in Herbalism, the highest level of academic training available in the profession.

In her practice, Lise focuses on the nutritional and healing powers of local plants which she gathers and prepares to supply her apothecary. Lise maintains her practice in south Minneapolis and is available for private consultations.

Since 1995, she has offered beginning and advanced herb classes. Upon invitation, Lise has also offered courses sponsored by institutions such as Bakken Museum, Carleton College, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the University of Minnesota Compleat Scholar Program and LearningLife non credit program.

Fall 2010 Lise was appointed to the academic faculty of St. Catherine University. As adjunct professor, she taught the Herbology course for the Master of Arts Holistic Health Studies until 2016.

Since 2010, Lise has been co-teaching a course a the University of Minnesota through the Center of Spirituality and Healing as part of the School of Nursing curriculum for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Matthew Wood (RH) AHG

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist since 1982. In a period when many authors and lecturers are merely "arm chair herbalists" who offer theories and opinions based on book learning, and others have turned to the exotic traditions of India or China, he has been an active practitioner of traditional Western herbalism. He has helped tens of thousands of clients over the years, with many difficult health problems. While Matthew believes in the virtue of many other healing modalities, he has always been inspired to learn, preserve, and practice the tradition of herbal medicine descending to us from our European, Anglo-American, and Native American heritage. He is a member of the American Herbalists Guild (registered herbalist) and has earned his Masters of Science degree from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (accredited by the University of Wales).

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Tongue Assessment Curriculum

21 Hours of Video

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    • Welcome Message

    • "Traditional Herbal Clinical Skills Development" Community... it's kinda' like an ongoing study group :)

  2. 3
    • Herb Walk with Matthew and Lise - Sample (TongueLW)

    • Intro. to Tongue Assessment - Special 2.5 class! with Matthew and Phyllis - Video (TongueLW)

    • Intro. to Tongue Assessment - Special 2.5 class! with Matthew and Phyllis - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Tongue Assessment by Phyllis D. Light, MA, Herbalist (TongueLW)

    • Tongue Assessment Handout and Images from Matthew Wood (TongueLW)

    • Tongue Assessment Notes from Lise Wolff (TongueLW)

    • Tongue Assessment Images from Lise Wolff (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 - Webinar Chat Text and Notes (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 1.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 1.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 1.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 1.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 2.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 2.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 2.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 1 Part 2.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

  3. 4
    • Day 2 - Webinar Chat Text and Notes (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 1.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 1.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 1.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 1.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 2.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 2.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 2.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 2.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 2.3 - Herb Walk - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 2 Part 2.3 Herb Walk - Audio (TongueLW)

  4. 5
    • Day 3 - Webinar Chat Text and Notes (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 1.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 1.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 1.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 1.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 2.1 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 2.1 - Audio (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 2.2 - Video (TongueLW)

    • Day 3 Part 2.2 - Audio (TongueLW)

  5. 6
    • Test - Herb Walk (TongueLW)

    • Test - Part 1 - Tongue Assessment (TongueLW)

    • Test - Part 2 - Plant Indications (TongueLW)

    • Test - Part 3 - Tissue States (TongueLW)

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