The Language of Nature

An Introduction to the Gaian Tongue

Our Mother Earth is intelligent, sentient, and always communicating with us. Learning to interpret the language of nature can make us excellent herbalists by upping our ability to source directly from our earth for healing wisdom. This class will help you develop the basic building blocks of an ancient nature vocabulary based on symbols, archetypes, elements, signatures, and myths so that you can better decipher earthly wisdom and live in balance with all our relations. Join Deep ecologist Jolie Elan as we align with the powers of nature and orient ourselves within the Four Fold Path and Web of Life. Together we will explore a holistic framework for deepening our rapport with Nature, self, and spirit. 

In this introductory class we cover: 

  • How nature speaks to us in symbols and signs
  • How to attune to the language of nature
  • The Four Fold Path
  • Universal cycles of nature, medicine, and health
  • Building our personal maps to holistically orient us with the great web of life. 
  • Growing spiritual relationships with medicine plants
  • Animal archetypes and how to work with them

Class Includes:

- The "Sit Spot Ritual" downloadable guide

- 2 hour presentation (webinar recording with slideshow presentation)

- Online Q&A with teacher  (please see UPDATE below)

5 star rating

Very Interesting

Kathleen Krueger

I have had the same experiences with plants. It is helpful to talk about the connection and response of both the plant and humans. Great program, Thank you!!!

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I have had the same experiences with plants. It is helpful to talk about the connection and response of both the plant and humans. Great program, Thank you!!!

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5 star rating

Great title 5 star

Sandra Kalla

fantastic course. I wish there was more.

fantastic course. I wish there was more.

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About Jolie Elan

Jolie Elan, M.S. is the founding director of Go Wild Institute, which offers educational and mentoring programs that weave science, myth, and spirit to awaken our nature and find balance in the great web of life. Jolie is a deep ecologist, herbalist, consulting botanist, and educator. She has inspired thousands of people to deepen their relationship with nature. Jolie has worked with ethnobotanical projects on four continents including developing the herbal medicine sector in war torn Kosovo and restoring sacred forest groves in India. 

Jolie has studied both herbalism and botany for twenty-five years and has taught botany to herbalists for almost a decade. She also acts as a spiritual companion for those who wish to increase their intimacy with the divine, especially through the natural world.

Jolie received her B.A. from the Evergreen State College in Environmental Studies, her Master’s degree in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University, and her certification in Spiritual Direction from the Chaplaincy Institute.

Check out Jolie's fascinating "Intelligence of Nature" that inspired this class.

Jolie also teaches Botany for Herbalists with Matthew Wood.


Dear Friends,

It’s with great sadness that we inform you that our dear teacher, Jolie passed from complications from cancer. In late November 2020 she was diagnosed with very advanced cancer and on Monday, November 30th, she passed. 

This news came as a shock to so many. Our sincere condolences go to her friends and family.

As far as we know right now, Jolie’s family and friends wish that her work continue and we are more than happy to help fulfill that wish.

We are relieved to inform you that Susan Leopold of United Plant Savers will be helping answer Botany for Herbalists course questions. 

No one can replace the whit, spark, and character of Jolie. For those participating in her Language of Nature and Intelligence of Nature classes, we will leave the Discussion function open for you to chat with one-another and to relish in the responses and interactions you had with Jolie before she left this world.

Very warm regards,

Tara Baklund

Operating Director

Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism