The Endocrine Cascade

Hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, gonads – is one of the most challenging systems to understand and help. Join us for this difficult subject, demystified by the prolific author and world-renown herbalist, Matthew Wood. 

This class gives an in-depth exploration of each of the major glands that make up the endocrine system and how to work with them using western herbalism. Matthew shares common issues that are so prevalent in our society and the appropriate remedies. 

Matthew visits topics such as:

 - Using adaptogens for the hypothalamus/pituitary/ adrenal axis

- Hyper and hypothyroid and remedies

- Adrenal exhaustion and remedies

- Agents acting on hormonal regulation of reproduction and so much more! 

The importance of the Endocrine System for our health and wellbeing cannot be understated. To care for ourselves it is critical that we have an understanding of the system that truly affects all parts of our bodies and wellbeing!

“The endocrine system forms a “cascade” with dominance from the hypothalamus/pituitary downwards to the thyroid, adrenals, and gonads with a feedback loop back to the beginning. This is the basic endocrine core that we need to understand. The H/P is the master gland of the system, the adrenals are in charge of dealing with stress, the thyroid oversees cellular metabolic rate, and the gonads regulated both reproduction and life maintenance issues.” – Matthew Wood

Over 13 hours of content!

Fascinating Extras

The first hour of day one is Tara Baklund overviewing the Body-types/Constitutions/Doshas for Matthew. Check out the full weekend Body-type and Constitutions Course here.

In the first hour of day 2 Dr. Spencer Blackie presents his studies and findings on water (double helix water), the energy of the body, heart energy and other fascinating correlations. How do Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy work? Check out his fascinating presentation here in the FREEBIES!

Course Curriculum

5 hours Basic Human Sciences, 5 hours Materia Medica, 1.5 hours History and Philosophy, 1.5 hours Clinical Skills

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    Day 1

    • Endocrine Day - 1.1

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    • Endocrine - Day 1.4

    • Endocrine - Day 1.5

    • Endocrine - Day 1.6

    • Endocrine - Day 1.7

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    Day 2

    • Endocrine - Day 2.1

    • Endocrine - Day 2.2

    • Endocrine - Day 2.3

    • Endocrine - Day 2.4

    • Endocrine - Day 2.5

    • Endocrine - Day 2.7

    • Endocrine - Day 2.6

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