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... as he leads us in an exploration of the relationship between the realm of shamanism and practices and traditional use of herbs. Matt builds upon the foundation developed in the endocrine systems class to deepen our understanding of the interrelationship between our bodies, the animals and the plants. We move from the logical and literal into the dreamtime knowledge that exists in the world of spirit.

He paints a picture of how to connect with the spirit of the plants through journeying and how to use the doctrine of signatures (what a plant looks like, how it is used by animals, their spirit signatures) to better understand the fullness of their medicine.

Then he moves on to the use of animal medicine powers to help understand illness and find the right herbal treatments, the matching of people’s specific constitutions, personalities and cultural contexts to the herbal remedies. We visit the medicine animals and explore how it is that these creatures embody specific archetypal energies that correspond to specific plants and their healing properties. Some examples are: Bear (burdock, angelica, spikenard).

Matt Says that in a previous edition of this class “many students understood what an important lesson I was trying to convey: this material, mixing the doctrine of signatures, Nature Wisdom, animal and plant medicines, and endocrine typology reveals the underlying patterns of herbal medicine in a way that nothing else does.”

Herbs can act as shamanic forces to open us up to with wisdom of Nature so join us to step out of the Materia medica and into the interplay of spirit, plant and animal wisdom!

Course Curriculum

8 hours of Herbal History and Philosophy and 3 hours Materia Medica

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    Day 1

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 1 - Part 1

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 1 - Part 2

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 1 - Part 3

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 1 - Part 4

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    Herb Walks

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 1 Herb Walk - Part 1

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 1 Herb Walk - Part 2

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    Day 2

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 2 - Part 1

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 2 - Part 2

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 2 - Part 3

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 2 - Part 4

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 2 - Part 5

    • Shamanic Herbalism - Day 2 - Part 6

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Also Enjoy

An herb walk, many stories, and even dream interpretation as part of this class.

We highly recommend taking the Endocrine Systems class prior to this as much of what we speak to will draw back to the knowledge shared in that class. Both of these courses are in The Library.

The Endocrine System course and Shamanic Herbalism are in our Library (a collection of early courses) HERE.

NOTE - This course was filmed before the MWIH was officially began. The sound is less than ideal.  Newer classes are filmed with high quality video and audio equipment.