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Ancient Speech and Thought 

"We have in Genesis an extremely ancient text, some of the components dating to three to four thousand years ago. Underneath these are themes of even greater antiquity. These should not be interpreted in modern terms because the mindset of modern people would not appear for hundreds or thousands of years. 

Robert Schmidt points out that the ancient Greeks contrasted two ways of thinking and speech: phasis (FAW-sis) and logos (LOG-us). The first term refers to “allowing the phenomena to speak for itself.” In other words, the speaker is recounting what he or she has seen, heard, or felt, without adding personal judgment or evaluation. Nature does not conclude anything, so there are no conclusions, just observations and statements. This doesn’t sound very special to us today, but imagine if you have no language for drawing conclusions from different sets of facts? This is what was added when logos developed. It enables a person draw a conclusion from the argument presented. An example of logos would be the following: “if Socrates is a man, and also men are mortal, then Socrates is mortal.” 

The word logos has both a general and a specific definition in ancient Greek. In its general sense logos refers to the “weaving together” of speech or thought, “to reveal or conceal truth.” It also means, “to bring the mind to rest.” In other words, logos uses the weaving together of words or thoughts to bring about conclusions and these in turn cause the mind to rest. More specifically, logos refers to the use of a premise followed by a conclusion: “if. . . then. . . .” This is called a “syllogism.” 

(Footnote: the translation of Logos in the Greek Bible to Verbum in Latin and Word in English is completely inaccurate)."

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real spirit journeys

nancy douglas

deep bunch of talks that got me thinking of a lot of things- the final podcast Matt is outside his car speaking-the vibe is energized , a good talk.When is M...

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deep bunch of talks that got me thinking of a lot of things- the final podcast Matt is outside his car speaking-the vibe is energized , a good talk.When is Matt's book coming out? Thanks Nancy! We don't have an exact date yet but the book should be out by later 2018. - Tara

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Real Spirit Journey

Fumiha Tanaka

All very interesting to listen to and making sense of things that surrounds us.

All very interesting to listen to and making sense of things that surrounds us.

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Intuition - Developing Your Inner Resources

Two masters in their fields, Herbalist Matthew Wood and Former Professional Remote Viewer and Businessman Jon Baklund teach you how to identify, train and skillfully use your intuition. Jon Baklund will start the weekend by teaching basic, but practical Remote Viewing protocols to help you tune-in to your natural intuitive abilities. The process is meant to help you clarify the difference between self and other as well as begin to distinguish between person, energy, structure and more. 

This practical approach will prepare you for a day of in-depth training with Matthew Wood where he will teach “The Three ‘I’s’”: Imagination versus Fantasy, Instinct and Intuition. 

He will also teach you how to “sort stuff out” - how to distinguish between your thoughts and other people's thoughts - a very important skill for those who work with clients. 

Of course, this weekend will include "Plant Attunement" or "Plant Journeying”. The whole weekend will be centered on exploring “What is Intuition” and developing your inner resources for your everyday and professional life.