Why get sick?

This class delves into the field of Preparative Remedies emphasizing the importance of fortifying our health to face the challenges of acute diseases, particularly in light of concerns about natural or man-made epidemics. The course explores modern and traditional approaches to preparing for seasonal illnesses with a focus on vitamin supplements, plant extracts, herbs, and traditional remedies to bolster resistance.

What You'll Learn:

  • Principles of Preparative Medicine: Understand the foundational principles of natural illness prevention.
  • Vitamin Supplements and Herbs for Resistance: Explore the use of vitamin supplements and herbs like Astragalus to enhance your resistance to diseases, whether as a general protective measure or at the onset of stress.
  • Traditional Techniques: Delve into traditional methods including the use of herbs such as Astragalus from Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen the periphery of your skin.
  • Wisdom of Herbs for Protecting the Skin and Periphery: Learn about traditional strengthening teas used by North American Native people, including Sumach, Witch Hazel, Sweet Fern, and Ledum/Labrador Tea.
  • Southern Blood Medicine and Seasonal Implications: Understand the connection between Southern blood medicine and seasonal changes, with a focus on identifying symptoms related to skin conditions and blood characteristics.
  • Additionally, Matthew and Phyllis provide insights on herbal remedies to protect against seasonal health challenges.

You'll also learn about:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Case Histories of Vitamin Deficiencies
  • The importance of mucus membranes
  • Liver as a Food
  • Vitamin D and Deficiency
  • The Impact of Lack of Sunlight
  • Zinc, Manganese, and Chromium
  • Skin/Mucosal Tissue Relationship
  • Skin and Pore Health
  • Saunas, Sweat Baths, and Sweat Lodges
  • Various herbs are mentioned during the class, including St. John’s Wort, Elder, Yarrow, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Rabbit Tobacco, Queen Anne’s Lace, Pine, and others, with a focus on their contributions to overall health.
  • and more...

Overall, this class provides a comprehensive understanding of preparative remedies and traditional herbal approaches to safeguard your health, particularly in the face of seasonal challenges.

Join Herbalists Matthew Wood, MS and Phyllis D. Light, MA as they share their herbal remedies and knowledge - with more than 75 years of professional experience combined!


• 2 hour recorded class and Q&A • 1 year access to recording and online Q&A

This course will be added to the Library 6 months from the live, online class date.

**RECORDING of this class will be in the Vital Herbalist: Year One Program. Students may purchase if they want to attend the live class

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