Learning to Listen

It’s time to get quiet and let the plants speak for themselves. 

The plants are the truest source of their own medicine. So, let’s sit at their feet and listen. Join Amanda Nicole, plant spirit teacher and author, for a time of listening, sharing, and weaving together the medicine stories of the plants. Together, we will sit with a plant (or two), listen for messages given through image, story, song, sensation, and more (the possibilities are endless!), share our experiences, and marvel at the magic of the medicine! Come and hear the plants speak to you.

In this series you will experience...

  • the intimate wonder of plant communication

  • unique medicine messages meant especially for you

  • deeper spiritual connection with the plants

  • strengthened intuition & a greater trust in your own inner knowing

  • an increased confidence in your innate ability to listen & receive

  • profound moments of connection and synchronicity

  • joy & delight

Class is guided by Amanda Nicole

Amanda Nicole is a daughter of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  She listens to the trees, sits with the land, and gathers medicine messages to share.  As an author, poet, teacher, herbalist, mother of six, and Divine Daughter, it is her delight to hold space for others as their eyes and ears open to the Beauty and Medicine that is All Around Us.  In 2010, Amanda purposefully began her journey with the plants.  She studied herbalism at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine with Teresa Boardwine in Rappahannock County, Virginia, was blessed to continue her studies by sitting at the feet of Matthew Wood, and completed an herbal apprenticeship with Ashley Litecky Elenbaas of Sky House Herbs.  Deeply grateful for her teachers, Amanda is blessed and held by the spirits of her Choctaw (Chahta) ancestors as she offers the sacred medicine of Spirit and Earth through classes, consultations, ceremony, the written word, and song.  Her book, Flowers for a Girl:  Plant Medicine & Sexual Trauma, is a poetic telling of her healing journey with the plants as teachers and companions. You can hear the plants speak through Amanda by listening to her podcast, Whispers: Plant Spirit Medicine. Loving books, chocolate, soft beds, warm baths, and the Tulip Poplar tree, Amanda is happiest sitting under a tree, surrounded by wildflowers, dusted with dirt, or immersed in wild water. 

Amanda co-teaches Animal Medicines with Matthew Wood and Chris McPadden.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to have a personal connection with the plants. 

Materials needed: 

a notebook, pen, and open heart

Complementary Resources:

Intuitive Herbalism by Nathaniel Hughes & Fiona Owen
Seven Herbs:  Plants as Teachers by Matthew Wood
Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness by Pam Montgomery


Three 1.25 hour classes PLUS!

  • 3 page handout from Amanda

    "Observations on Plant Attunement" is a beautifully poetic introduction to the realm of plant communication.

  • 1-year access to materials

    Take your time to view and review the materials as much as you desire during the 1-year rental.

  • Q&A

    Benefit from online Q&A with teachers. Discussion sections are provided so students can comment and question on the class at any time! (Matthew Wood may choose to observe and answer some questions as well.)

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome Message

  2. 2
    • Intro Class (90 minutes) - Video

    • Intro Class (90 minutes) - Audio

  3. 3
    • Observations on Plant Attunement Handout by Amanda Nicole (3 pages, downloadable)

    • Plant Attunement Questions

  4. 4
    • Plant Attunement - Class 1 - Webinar Chat Text

    • Plant Attunement - Class 1 - Video

    • Plant Attunement - Class 1 - Audio

    • Additional Resource from Amanda: Blueberry Poem

    • Additional Resource from Amanda: Blueberry Poem Recording

    • Additional Resource from Amanda: Blueberry Song Recording

  5. 5
    • Plant Attunement - Class 2 - Webinar Chat Text

    • Plant Attunement Class 2 - Video

    • Plant Attunement Class 2 - Audio

  6. 6
    • Plant Attunement - Class 3 - Webinar Chat Text and Transcript

    • Plant Attunement Class 3 - Video

    • Plant Attunment Class 3 - Audio

  7. 7
    • Please share your thoughts

5 star rating

Life changing!

Natalie Owens

5 star rating

In depth and enjoyable! Great presentation

Mary Pat Palmer - MWIH Faculty