In this monthly class with retired (but still very active in the animal health arena) Veterinarian, Will Winter, DVM teaches you how to naturally prevent and remedy common health issues and concerns for cats and dogs. Other pet species may be addressed, but the focus will be on the most common companion animals.

Teaching centers around what you'd want from a family vet who takes a natural health approach: a well-rounded education, decades of experience, and good ol' Folk Wisdom, with a caring heart and discerning mind to not only "do no harm" but to help animals to live a healthy, vibrant life.

Monthly class starts with: 

  1. Getting started with a new puppy or kitten: What to know before getting a puppy or kitten; ideal breed selection and optimal environment.
  2. Emergency Kit: The essential remedies to have on hand for problems with pets
  3. Natural food guidelines for cats and dogs (with a visual guide on how to prepare healthy food in spite of a busy schedule) 
  4. "Folk Wisdom:" natural rearing for cats and dogs (Digging. Barking. Chewing. Scratching. Biting. Interacting with children.) 
  5. Elimination issues: What to do when your cat or dog is not 'going' in the correct place.
  6. Seasonal issues: fleas and ticks, heartworm, allergies.
  7. and much, much more to come each month!

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Will Winter, DVM

Website: Will Winter

After receiving various veterinary-related degrees and conducting scientific research in college, he created one of the largest and most successful holistic veterinary practices in the US. He has advanced training and certification in veterinary homeopathy, herbal medicine, veterinary chiropractic, and animal psychology/behavior modification. 

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7:00 - 8:00 pm US Central (Chicago time)
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We use the online webinar service, Zoom. Webinar links are sent to enrolled students 2 days, 1 day, and 1 hour prior to class. See the simple instruction on how to attend on our HELP page

The recording of the class will be available within 2 days of the webinar - this may mean the following Monday for a Thursday class.

What is the class like?

Classes are held online in a webinar format. Students will view and hear only the teachers and hosts and can participate in the online chat and Q&A.


  • Online Materials

    Access to handouts, documents, or additional resources.

  • Live Q&A

    Ask questions and discuss with the teacher in the live class.

  • Monthly Class

    Option to join the monthly, 1-hour live class.


    1. Welcome Message

    2. Future Class Topics

    1. Getting Started With a New Puppy of Kitten - Video and Resources

    2. Getting Started With a New Puppy of Kitten - Audio

    1. Emergency Kit - Video and Resources

    2. Emergency Kit - Audio

    3. Emergency & Home Care - Pets

    4. Rescue Remedy

    1. Natural Foods Guidelines Slideshow (43 pages, downloadable)

    2. Natural Pet Food: Class Outline with Will Winter, DVM (5 pages, downloadable)

    3. Raw Pet Food Q & A's by Will Winter, DVM (9 pages, downloadable)

    4. What You Can Expect from Feeding Your Dogs and Care a Raw Natural Diet by Will Winter, DVM (2 pages, downloadable)

    5. Holistic Care and Natural Reading for Cats and Dogs by Will Winter, DVM (7 pages, downloadable)

    6. Making the Ultimate Home-Made Pet Food for Dogs and Cats by Will Winter, DVM (5 pages, downloadable)

    7. Natural Food Guidelines - Video & Resources

    8. Natural Food Guidelines - Audio

    1. "Folk Wisdom" Natural Rearing for Cats and Dogs - Video & Resources

    2. "Folk Wisdom" Natural Rearing for Cats and Dogs - Audio

    3. "Folk Wisdom" Natural Rearing for Cats and Dogs - Slides

    1. Elimination Issues - Video & Resources

    2. Elimination Issues - Audio

    3. Elimination Issues - Slides

About this course

  • $16.00 / month
  • 29 lessons
  • 12 hours of video content



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Monthly live class, recordings, and more! We are going to have a doggone good time.

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