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Learn from Master Herbalist Matthew Wood!

  • What's Included

    While you are a subscriber of this course you will be given access to all Materia Medica class recordings - well over 30 hours of classes! You will also have the option to attend live classes being offered! Join in on the Q&A and Discussion with Matthew and other students too!

  • When

    Join the class live online or enjoy the recording later at your leisure. Live classes are held online the First Wednesday of each month 7:00 - 9:00pm Central Time (Chicago time). This may change due to Matt's teaching/travel schedule. See "Next Class" details by scrolling all the way to the right under Course Curriculum.

  • Cost

    For only $8 per month you get access to over 20 hours of material, live classes and Q&A and Discussion! More details about subscriptions in the HELP section above.


Each class includes many herbs and subjects:

  • Herbal Properties and Energetics

  • Traditional and Modern Uses

  • Pharmacology

  • Homeopathic Uses (if any)

  • Cultural history ex. China, Europe, America

  • Preparations

  • Environmental Issues

  • Plant identification

  • Personal experience of audience

  • Case Histories, Stories, Discussion & Q&A

Course Curriculum

Over 30 hours of Materia Medica

  • 2
    NEXT CLASS - MONDAY April 1st - Trickster and Coyote Medicine
    • Webinar Instructions
    • ***Webinar Link***
  • 3
    May 1st - New Series: Blood, Circulation and Heart - MAY DAY TOPIC: Heart, Hawthorn and Friends
    • About the Blood Circulation and Heart Series
  • 4
    June 5th - Series: Blood, Circulation and Heart - TOPIC: Blood
    • About the Blood Circulation and Heart Series
  • 5
    Tuesday July 2nd - Series: Blood, Circulation and Heart - TOPIC: Circulation
    • About the Blood Circulation and Heart Series
  • 6
    • Matthew Wood - North Country Herb Guild Meeting - The Earthwise Repertory talk - 6/7/17
  • 7
    Cucumber Water and Solomon's Seal
    • Maianthemum
    • Whitton, Maianthemum paper
    • Jim MacDonald, Solomon's Seal
    • Phyllis Light, etc. Polygonatum
    • True Solomon's Seal
    • 1.0 Cucumber Water
    • Kumaraswamy, Cucumber paper
    • Video
    • Audio
  • 8