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Medical Astrology Sun Signs

Month by Month, Herb by Herb, In-depth!

taught by Judith Hill and Matthew Wood

    World famous astrologer from India to Indiana

Acclaimed herbalist from Arkansas to Australia 

For herbalists and astrologers on all levels! 

Get out charts! Get out your herbals! Month by month, sign by sign, starting with Capricorn in January, this class will cover the health strengths and weaknesses of each sign, including the influences of the planets, lunar nodes, aspects, and houses. The material covered in this class, in-depth, supplements and adds new information to the insights found in their world-famous books. Make the best of your own astrology, deepen your reading of charts and your herbal wisdom. Not only is the information useful in individual cases: it will lead us to new ways of thinking about both fields. In the final, thirteenth class we will read the astrological medical charts of famous people.  

There will be optional tests after each class and a certificate at the end to demonstrate basic competency in the subject. But don’t let this ruin the fun! 

Course Outline

Starting in January 2021,  Judith Hill (prolific author, astrologer, and herbalist) and Matthew Wood will discuss in depth one sign of the zodiac per month. This two and a quarter hour class will include:

1) the traditional medical rulerships and associations of the sign with regions, organs, systems, and functions

2) psychological themes important from a medical angle

3) planetary rulers of the sign and their medical associations

4) the health effect of each planet in the sign

5) herbs associated with the sign or planet

6) observed medical idiosyncrasies of the twelve signs (Davidson, Cornell, Hill, others)

7) new insights generated by this unique approach. 

The series will end with the analysis of an example chart from history (In class #13 we will look at the astrological medical charts of famous people.), illustrating the principles of medical astrological analysis from the standpoint of the natal or birth chart. We will not have time to read the charts of individual students, but we will answer some questions beneficial to all students in the chat room during the class.  

Each class will cover:

I: Sign of the Zodiac

    General discussion


    Region of the Body Ruled by the Sign

    Organs Ruled by the Sign

    Tissues Ruled by the Sign

    Undetermined rulerships and new and evolving assignments

    Sixth, 8th and 12th Sign Following

    Sign on the Ascendent (Appearance, Constitution)

    Physiological Functions Associated with the Sign

    Relationship of Psychological and Medical Profile

II: Ruler of the Sign

    General discussion


    Physiological Functions Ruled with the Planet

    Regions, Organs, and Tissue Ruled by the Planet

    Relationship of Psychological and Medical Profile

    Ruler of the Sign (Ancient and Modern).

        Only necessary for Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio


III. Health Effects of Planets in the Signs











    North Lunar Node

    South Lunar Node

IV. Herbs Ruled by, Associated with, or Acting on Signs and Planets

Class Dates and Topics

A total of twelve classes, one per month/sign, plus one introductory free class introducing ourselves and our basic approach, and one closing class, showing how to interpret charts from an astrological-medical basis, using herbs and holistic modalities.  


Live-Online (Details on how to attend are in the Welcome email and Welcome section of the site. We use Zoom webinar services for our live-online classes.)

Recording (The recording will be available within 2 days of the live-online event.)

Full details on how to attend online are in the Welcome email and Welcome section.

*Dates are subject to change. 


January, February and March (2021)


2:00pm - 4:00pm US Central (Chicago)

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January 10th -  Capricorn

February 14th - Aquarius

March 7th - Pisces


April on in 2021


12:00pm - 2:00pm US Central (Chicago)

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April 16th - Aries

May 14th - Taurus

June 25th - Gemini

July 9th - Cancer

August 6th - Leo

September 10th - Virgo

October 8th -  Libra

November 12th - Scorpio

December 3rd - Sagittarius

Chart example class date TBA 


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•  Access to all recordings and materials of classes available at the time •

•  Cheat Sheets from Judith in the first lesson  •

•  Optional tests for each class (20 question multiple choice)  •

•  Certificate of Completion designed and signed by Matthew Wood upon successful completion of all tests with a passing grade of 70% or better  •

•  Life-time access to the online Community  •

•  Online help from teachers!  •

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Course curriculum

A new class each month in 2021!

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    • Judith's Medical Astrology Sun Signs Cheat Sheets

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    BONUS CLASS - Herbs from the Astrological Point of View

    • About this 2-hour BONUS Class

    • MASS - Herbs from the Astrological Viewpoint - Video

    • MASS - Herbs from the Astrological Viewpoint - Audio

Start at anytime! Complete the lessons at your own pace. 

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Certificates designed and signed by Matthew Wood are available to those who successfully complete all tests with a passing grade of 70% or better. Once the program is complete there will be a minimum amount of payments required to receive a certificate. This is to be determined.

Matt and Judith also offer the pre-recorded "Astrological Medicine and Renaissance Herbalism." It's a terrific complement to this new course. Learn more about it here...