Sample Materia Medica Cards:
5 Herbs to Know

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🌿 Explore the World of Herbal Medicine! 🌿

Deepen Your Relationship with the Plants

We've created a series of unique flashcards designed hand-in-hand with Matthew Wood himself. Matthew's unique voice and decades of experience echo through this series of flashcards.

You will learn to identify the herbs as plants with these herbal flashcards, as well at their herbal properties.  You can test your herbal knowledge from front to back, condensing generations of herbal experience into a convenient, flashcard format.

Help yourself, family, friends, and community through the plant kingdom and accessing the herbal medicine that serves them best.

 🌿 Being an Herbalist 🌿

The plants are sovereign beings unto themselves; we can build a relationship with them by identifying who they are.  As herbalists, we seek to deepen that relationship by  understanding their medicine, or herbal properties each plant has generously bestowed upon us. The flashcards are designed with both plant and herbal factors in mind.

This is how herbalists are made: you are a steward between the plant and human world, sharing the plant medicine you have learned to benefit others.

The front of each flashcard covers:

  • plant identification
  • plant environment preference
  • plant photos
  • plant measurements

The back of each flashcard covers:

  • scientific binomial: genus and species of traditional plants used
  • scientific family name
  • medicinal parts
  • preparation
  • energetics and tastes
  • tissue states
  • traditional herbal uses
  • information on environmental concerns, contraindications, cautions, and similar species

Honoring his own herbal teachers, Matthew has categorized the plants by environment or groupings as he has learned it.

🌿 This is a work in progress and the perfect complement to your studies.  🌿

Deepen Your Relationship with the Herbs

with Materia Medica in a study-friendly format

  • Plant Identification

    Use the five featured photos to help identify the plant based on its main characteristics and traditional medicinal parts.

  • Plant Family and Scientific Binomial

    Understand the naming and relationship between plant families and their traditionally used genus and species

  • Herbal Preparation, Properties, and Uses

    Learn the traditionally and accepted used parts of the plant, energetics, tissue states, and uses for each herb

Materia Medica

Herbal Flashcards

    1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Materia Medica!

    2. About Materia Medica Flashcards

    1. About Five Herbs to Know Flashcards

    2. Five Herbs to Know Flashcards (16 pages, downloadable)

    1. Note about Weeds Table of Contents and Bibliography

    2. Weed Flashcards (42 pages, not downloadable)

    3. Weed Flashcard Bibliography

    1. Note about Field/Prairie Table of Contents and Bibliography

    2. Field/Prairie Flashcards (55 pages, not downloadable)

    3. Field/Prairie Flashcard Bibliography

    1. Garden Table of Contents and Bibliography

    2. Garden Flashcards (44 pages - not downloadable)

    3. Garden Flashcard Bibliography

    1. Mediterranean Table of Contents and Bibliography

    2. Mediterranean Flashcards (34 pages - not downloadable)

    3. Mediterranean Flashcard Bibliography

Materia Medica Flashcards

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