Lymphatic and Immune Systems -Intermediate 

with Matthew Wood and Phyllis D. Light

Herbalist with 75 Years of Joint Experience 

as Consulting Herbalists & Herbal Authors

In this section we move  more fully into consideration of the immune side of this twofold system. We discuss the mast cells, the most ancient immune cells and (still) the “sentinel” of the system, watching for incoming dangers, guarding the boundaries; the arachidonic (fever cascade), the cytokines (and their famous storm), the various immune cells, their manufacture, and the importance of the bone marrow (mother of cells) and the thymus in immunity. There is also discussion of immune remedies and “tonics.”


- 4 hours of teaching (2, 2-hour classes)

- Online Materials 

Includes 14 pages of downloadable documents by Phyllis D. Light. and a 335 page manuscript by Matthew Wood. Manuscripts by Matthew are works-in-progress and are not downloadable. Matthew does plan to publish this in print at some point. These documents are also included in the Beginner Lymphatic and Immune Systems course.

- Online Help from Teachers 

Start at anytime! Complete the lessons at your own pace. 

Certificates designed and signed by Matthew Wood are available for purchase to those who successfully complete all tests with a passing grade of 70% or better. 

 More details regarding certificates are here.

The test is approximately 60 multiple choice questions. Multiple attempts are permitted.


4 hours of video/audio

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    • Immune System, Lymphatics, and Microbiome Holistic and Herbal Protocols by Matthew Wood (335 page non-downloadable manuscript)

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