Herbs that help us to live-r better!

The liver can regrow, even if up to 90% of it has been removed. No wonder it's called the LIVE-r! Learn the herbs that can help the liver and the accompanying organ, the gallbladder, perform optimally in order to support digestion, detoxification, metabolism and other functions of the body.

"A few billion years ago, the cells in a multicellular organism held a meeting and decided that "those cells over there" would specialize in metabolism, so that they could pursue their own chosen activities. Those 'chosen few' became the liver, the center for 60% of the metabolism in the body, while the cells took care of their own house--cleaning and feeding the other 40%

For herbalists, the word "liver" pretty much means "metabolism," including catabolism (breakdown) and anabolism (build-up). When we work with  "the liver," we are actually managing the metabolism in almost every cell in the body. 

The same four processes rule supreme from one end to the other: 

Phase I (breakdown of the lipids), intermission (holding on to the byproducts with antioxidants to prevent inflammation)

Phase II (breakdown of these leftovers into pretty harmless substances), and the antiporter system (chose what to keep for anabolic building and what to kick out of the liver for elimination). 

In addition, the liver utilizes billions of immune cells and lymphatic fluids to keep clean, the hepatic artery (to supply life-giving oxygen), the portal vein (to supply the digestate), and the bile ducts and gallbladder to run off the bile, which is used in the digestion of fats and oils in the intestines. " - Matthew Wood

Join herbalists Matthew Wood and Phyllis Light for this adventurous romp through one of the most important organ systems in the body, as well as in herbal medicine.

Class Date: Monday, Oct 30th & Friday, Nov 3rd 2023 from 6PM - 8:30PM US Central (Chicago); Class #3 Date TBD

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Join Herbalists Matthew Wood, MS and Phyllis D. Light, MA as they share their herbal remedies and knowledge - with more than 75 years of professional experience combined!


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The liver: the real MVP of your body!

Take an adventure through the world of the liver and gallbladder.

Herbs to Support the
Liver, Gallbladder, & Metabolism

Revolutionize your understanding of this vital organ system