There's no doubt the heart is an essential organ, but the kidneys are of equal importance. By comparison, the liver re-generates considerably after injury—especially with herbs and vitamins. If the heart is damaged, there is compensation for activity but not regeneration. If the kidneys are damaged, there is some repair and compensation but generally not fully return to functioning.

We agree with traditional Chinese medicine that the kidneys are the foundation of our stamina—the stronger the kidneys the more force in ‘doing what needs to be done.’ TCM also credits the kidneys with storing the Jing (essence, genetic material), which is the source of the primal yin and yang of the body. The basic water and the basic fire. The kidneys even store the primal qi (which is equivalent to inherited constitutional strength). We will be studying this aspect of the kidneys but we (Matthew) long ago found that for actual kidney problems, the Chinese system is deficient. 

Western herbalism provides us with diuretics, astringents, and warming remedies that address kidney problems directly. We need to understand the kidneys from the six tissue states – hot and cold, damp and dry, tense and relaxed. And by golly, we also need to understand the basic problems from the TCM standpoint—Kidney Yin Deficiency, Yang Deficiency, Qi Deficiency, and Jing Deficiency. These show us the more far-flung influences of the kidneys on functions and structures such as bones, joints, stamina, exhaustion, etc., that we might not think about when using the Western model. And, of course, we need to know how the kidneys work, in biomedical terms.

We will be addressing common issues related to the kidney and bladder and you'll also learn how the kidneys in particular affect so many other functions in the body including:

  • bones
  • joints
  • stamina
  • exhaustion
  • 'leaking'
  • cleansing
  • pain
  • weakness related to these organs
  • and more

By taking this course you will...

  • gain a thorough understanding of the kidneys' crucial role in maintaining overall health.

  • appreciate a holistic approach to kidney health that goes beyond common issues.

  • learn practical insights about addressing kidney problems directly through Western herbalism, and they'll grasp the interconnectedness of kidney health with other bodily functions with insights from TCM.

  • of course, learn the myriad herbs that have proven helpful over many decades and even centuries in traditional herbalism.

"In the female reproductive system, the bladder, vagina, and uterus are tied together by location and influence of function. The uterus sits atop the bladder and the vagina sits next to it. Oftentimes, the health of the bladder and the health of the vagina become interconnected as they are both mucous membrane tissues. This is especially true in the area of bacterial infection of the bladder."

"The kidneys are associated with the reproductive system in Chinese medicine and very often we see this connection, which we will mention in our class. However, this subject will also be taken up on female and male reproduction and endocrine classes. The adrenals, sitting atop the kidneys, will not be described here in detail--see the endocrine class.

Class Schedule:

  • Thursday, Feb. 8th, 2024 7-9PM US Central (Chicago)
  • Thursday, Feb. 15th, 2024 7-9PM US Central (Chicago)
  • Monday, Mar. 4th, 2024 7-9PM US Central (Chicago)

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Join Herbalists Matthew Wood, MS and Phyllis D. Light, MA as they share their herbal remedies and knowledge - with more than 75 years of professional experience combined!



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Herbs for Kidney and Bladder

Don't let your kidneys play second fiddle!