Herbs for Death, Dying, and Grief

“First we come…Then, we go.”
- Carolyn Jones

Herbs for Death, Dying, and Grief is a class that challenges individuals to come face-to-face with the idea of memento mori [Latin for “remember you have to die"]. The content uses a broad stroke to include the writing of Matthew Wood for discussion about The Seven Herbs, ritual and burial herbs, death doula practices, and the intimate details surrounding death, grief, and dying. Case studies will be presented.

Topics that are covered:

  • Common misconceptions surrounding death, dying, and grief
  • Present-day disease concerns, stories, and herbal allies
  • Carolyn's experience and learnings as an herbalist and Chaplin during COVID in NYC
  • Definition of grief 
  • Symptoms of grief 
  • Coping with grief 
  • The different types of grief and how they present themselves
  • Difference between grief and trauma
  • The mindset behind the ability to heal
  • Positive psychology 
  • Stages of grief for the dying 
  • Lucid dreaming 
  • Herbs to soothe a grieving heart and for dreaming
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • and so much more! 

Taught by Carolyn Jones & Matthew Wood, MS.

Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones is a Holistic Health Educator and Chaplain who teaches the art of self-care and practices a ministry of presence. She is licensed by the New York State Chaplain Task Force and serves the community as an herbalist, a certified aromatherapist, and a reflexologist.


Carolyn is a recently elected Board member of Herbalists Without Borders and holds membership and affiliations with several prestigious organizations: The American Herbalists Guild, Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism, and DOPO Doulas. She teaches community self-care topics and she is also a contributing writer and podcast guest with Mother Earth Living magazine and Mother Earth, respectively.

Respected by her peers, she embraces and is supported by a strong community of traditional and non-traditional healers who follow uniquely different paths that merge at the crossroads of community health.

The Healing Project Wellness Series webinar is a co-teaching platform that allows for new approaches and concepts as taught by master healers from all walks of life. Subject experts from all over the world are welcomed to discuss their favorite healing modalities.

Prior to embarking on her vocation as a Holistic Health practitioner, she earned an AA degree in Liberal Arts (City Tech); a BA, in Mass Communications, and MS, in Television & Radio Management (Brooklyn College), to qualify her pedagogic aspirations. Over 25 years of teaching and developing curriculum support her ability to disseminate life-supporting information in a language that is easy to understand.

As a chaplain, Carolyn Jones specializes in natural self-care methods to alleviate the debilitating emotional pain that arises from grief and loss, a chafing experience that is tragically familiar to her.

Her publications, Pick Up Your Bed and Walk: A Self-Care Guide to Improved Health and Incantations champion the pursuit of healthier lifestyle habits, along with alternative behavior and self-affirming language.


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    1. Welcome Message

    1. Herbs for Death, Dying, and Grief with Carolyn Jones

    2. Herbs for Death, Dying, and Grief Notes from conversations with Carolyn Jones at Be Healed & with herbs by Matthew Wood

    3. Notes on Herbs, Flower Essences & Homeopathics for Death, Dying, and Grief By Deb Vail at Grandparents of the Forest

    1. Herbs for Death, Dying, & Grief - Video and Additional Resources

    2. Herbs for Death, Dying, & Grief - Audio

    3. Herbs for Death, Dying, and Grief - Class Slides

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“You have to go beyond yourself to get healed.” 
- Matthew Wood

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5 star rating


Dawn Pittman

very informative and inspiring. Look forward to further studies and use of unique knowledge.

very informative and inspiring. Look forward to further studies and use of unique knowledge.

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