A lot has happened since Covid appeared on the scene early in 2020. 

In general (from what we hear), herbalists did very well helping themselves and their friends, family, and clients. So little was known at first, but a symptom-based approach was sufficient. Warm, cool, lubricate, expectorate, prompt the immune response, etc. These were good strategies that even beginners could follow.

However, as the pandemic progressed conditions became more complicated. There were long-haulers, chronic lucid dreaming, sometimes nightmares, post-Covid fatigue, and perhaps chronic damage. Some said there was no such thing as a virus; others feared it, and sometimes it was difficult to tell the difference between fear of the virus and the virus. Some of us (ourselves included) looked upon coronavirus as a spiritual disease. There were “mandates” instituted with no scientific evidence to support them whatsoever - we now know that the education and maturation of children are upset by masking and social isolation. Suicides sky-rocketed. The economy of the world was destroyed, and Civil rights were trampled on. 

Then the “vaccine” that wasn’t a vaccine was introduced, with descriptive inaccuracies (it is actually “gene therapy”), hardly any testing at all (three months!), in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants that were retooled for other purposes (usually it takes years to set up good manufacturing processes), with no GMP oversight by the FDA (compare that to how they hassle and close down little herbal concerns), attempts to suppress the initial test results and FDA reasoning for approval, court cases, and lies, lies, lies. 

Then there is the issue of “vaccine shedding.” Matthew: “I didn’t believe in this until I spent a day with a boosted friend and spent two and half weeks waking with nasty dreams and heart pounding and racing.” 

Then there was Omicron. Less serious or more? And always, the vax injured, piling up more and more; miserable, hospitalized. 

What is an herbalist to do about gene therapy that implants new genes (mRNAs) that seem never to retreat? What of blood clotting and never-before-seen plastoid clots in the arteries? Spike proteins in the head, the liver, the heart, the blood vessels, and the ovaries. Reproductive changes that are still being just uncovered (thank you, Naomi Wolf, James Thorpe). And all of this is ignored by pharma, medicine, and conventional media. 

What’s an herbalist to do?

Well, that is why we are having a class. 

Matthew and Phyllis will share their insights into the path of COVID and the “vaccine” in the body, bypassing the innate immune system, the attack on brown fat supplies by the virus and its treatment, long-haul COVID, spike-proteins, and remedies they have used along the way.

This class is taught by two renowned herbalists, authors, and teachers who have practiced for a combined total of over 75 years - Matthew Wood, MS and Phyllis D. Light MA.

In COVID, "the Vaccine," & Shedding, the discourse takes on a life of its own: shared concerns, references, and testimonies, while many questions are raised, some of which inspire further conversation.  Many topics and questions are covered, some of which include:

  • Issues that are arising with the mRNA vaccine and multiple booster shots
  • Suggestions for parosmia (distorted taste and smell) post-COVID
  • The use of various herbs, including Lomatium, Angelica, Sweet Annie, Black Walnut, and Chickweed
  • The difference between white and brown fat and how to nourish brown fat
  • Discussion on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems)
  • How to support someone post-vaccination or post-COVID
  • Strategies that may be helpful to address blood clotting
  • Does COVID act like a parasite?
  • How to assist injuries that are related to the injection site
  • What can be done for those that are experiencing cardiac-related symptoms
  • Case histories and personal stories
  • And much more

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. These are insights from two herbalists, their decades of traditional and clinical herbal experience and their personal and clinical experience with those diagnosed with Covid and Covid-like symptoms. Each person, attending or not attending this lecture, is responsible for their health.


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    1. Welcome Message

    1. *Bonus* 2020 COVID Discussions/Materials

    1. About Non-Downloadable Documents

    2. Covid, the mRNA Vaccines, and Shedding - An Exploration by Matthew Wood (19 pages, not downloadable) - Oct. 27th Update

    3. Covid Coughs Colds Remedies by Phyllis D. Light, MA, RH

    1. Covid, the "Vaccine", & Shedding - Video & Chat Text

    2. Covid, the "Vaccine", & Shedding - Audio

    1. From Bats to Coverup by Matthew Wood (15 pages, not downloadable)

    2. Endothelial Damage from the mRNA Technology and possible relevance of Vitamin C by Matthew Wood (8 pages, not downloadable)

    3. 8.0 Enter the Pandemic by Matthew Wood, MS (Herbal Medicine) - 79 pages (not downloadable)

    4. 9.0 Enter the Injection by Matthew Wood, MS (Herbal Medicine) - 53 pages (not downloadable)

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5 star rating

Covid, the Vaccine, & Shedding course

Lily Herndon Weaks

This was a truly excellent course! I need to listen to it at least 5 more times because there was so much useful information. And I liked that much of it was...

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This was a truly excellent course! I need to listen to it at least 5 more times because there was so much useful information. And I liked that much of it was explaining body processes. Phyllis and Matthew are like encyclopedias!

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