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Prepare for Intermediate and Advanced Herbal Medicine Making with Lori Rose, PhD!

Meet Your Teacher - Lori Rose, PhD

Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, CNP, BCHN, FDN-P, RH (AHG), NBC-HWC, is a college biology, nutrition, herbal, and wellness instructor, national board certified nutrition professional and holistic nutrition consultant, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, board registered herbalist, national board certified health and wellness coach, wife, mother, organic vegetable, fruit, and medicinal herb gardener, school garden planter, city class teacher, and passionate Zumba dancer!  She created, developed, and instructs the Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway, the most thorough, affordable, degreed wellness program in the country.   She loves spreading love and light, and helping others feel awesome on the inside and out so they can live their dreams and make this world more awesome!


• What is the "folk method"?

• Which supplies are necessary?

• How much to use of ingredients and how long to let them sit, steep, brew, etc.

• Which types of alcohol to use and why. What if they're not available?

• What's the difference of using fresh or dried herb?

• How to make your own herbal vitamin/mineral drink.

• What's the difference between an essential oil and an herbal oil?

• Why take the extra steps and make a salve?

• What extracts polysaccharides and aromatics (for example) and what doesn't?

• How to get your kids (and big kids) to use herbs and enjoy it!

• How to best preserve herbs.

• Creative ways to use herbs in cooking to benefit the whole family!

• Lots of tips and tricks to keep Herbal Medicine Making FUN and EASY!


* PS - Save your little spice jars... you'll see why. You'll be glad you did :)

In this fun and relaxed course...

Lori Rose PhD guides you in a simple and practical way through the mysteries of Herbal Medicine Making!

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No test! Just share in the discussion section of each video about what you're making! More details in the Welcome section.  A minimum of 6-monthly payments is required to earn a certificate.

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Upcoming online classes!

- Fresh Herb and Advanced Oils - Tuesday February 18th, 7pm US-Central

- Lotions and Alcohol Salves - Tuesday March 17th, 7pm Us-Central

Advanced: TBA

- Percolation Tinctures

- Formula Creation

- Low Dose Herbs

Classes are at 7:00 - 8:00pm Central Time (Chicago) unless otherwise noted. Here's an easy timezone converter.

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