Phyllis D. Light and Matthew Wood

75 years of joint experience as Consulting Herbalists and Herbal Authors

Two experienced practitioners discuss the many approaches to dosing known and used in herbal medicine. They will speak from their own background and experience. Phyllis D. Light has used a wide variety of preparations and dosages from tea to tincture to capsules, suitable to her practice in a “dry county” where herbs were traditionally taken as teas. Matthew Wood has a long history using small or “drop” doses of tinctures, reflecting the eclectic approach, one of the nineteenth century schools of botanical medicine.

With special guest appearance by herbalist Lise Wolff, RH (AHG) MSc.

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Course Curriculum

2.5 hours of Video and Audio + Writings by Matthew Wood

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    Herbal Dosages Class Materials

    • William Salmon on dosages (1710)

    • History and Guideline to the Use of Small Doses in Herbal Medicine by Matthew Wood (34 pages, View Only)

    • The Use of Herbal Tinctures in Small Dosages: Scientific Evidence by Matthew Wood (14 page - View Only)

    • Herbal Dosages - Webinar Chat Text and Links

    • Herbal Dosages - Video

    • Herbal Dosages - Audio

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    Herbal Dosages Test

    • Herbal Dosages Test

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