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in the Herbs A to Z with Matthew Wood (only $8 per month):

Colds, Coughs, Fever, Flu (in Herbs A to Z)

Includes 2-hour class plus view the accompanying 9-page document by Matthew, "Holistic Treatment of Colds, Fevers, and Flus: Underlying Logic and Specific Indications." 

Thermoregulatory System (in Herbs A to Z)

Enjoy this 2-hour class plus 20+ pages of manuscripts by Matthew Wood! 

The Immune System (in Herbs A to Z)

This is a fascinating class with insight into the organs and organ systems associated with immune function (some will surprise you) and of course, the many herbs that help with immunity. Matt was on a roll with this class. There's nearly 30 minutes of bonus material!

Bat and Holly Medicine (in Herbs A to Z)

A fascinating class with Matthew Wood and Amanda Nicole on the transformative power of "Bat" medicine it's quintessential remedy, Holly; as well as a how it helps with Covid-19 symptoms.

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Check out Free Previews and get the above and so much more in the Herbs A to Z for only $8 per month! Learn more and join HERE.


The Respiratory System & Respiratory Immunity with Appropriate Herbs and Supplements - with Matthew Wood and Phyllis D. Light 

Enjoy the free preview, learn more and access this in-depth class here...

Free Class Recordings with Matthew and Special Guests

Note - some of these are our earliest or recovered recordings. Current class offerings are much better quality.

    1. How to Become an (excellent) Herbalist - Video

    2. How to Become an (excellent) Herbalist - Audio

    3. How to Become an (excellent) Herbalist - Webinar Chat Text

    1. Bear Medicine

    2. Rabbit Medicine

    3. Elk Medicine

    4. Badger Medicine

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