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The Medical Astrology Sun Signs series is for herbalists and astrologers of all levels!

Get out charts! Get out your herbs and herbal medicines! This course covers the health strengths and weaknesses of each astrological sign. Make the best of your own astrology, deepen your chart reading abilities, and expand your herbal wisdom.

The material covered in this course is in-depth. It supplements and adds new information to the insights found in their world-famous books.

Not only is the information useful in individual cases, but it also leads us to new ways of thinking about herbalism and astrology.

This introductory course brings together one of the luminaries of modern herbalism (Matthew Wood) with one of the shining stars of astrological medicine (Judith Hill). Both share a deep interest and knowledge of the history of astrological, herbal, and Renaissance medicine, as well as the closely related "Nature Wisdom" (Natura Sophia) movement.

In Astrological Medicine & Renaissance Herbalism, they teach

  1. Foundations of Astrology and Herbalism
  2. Astrological Classification of Plants, Organs, Diseases. 
  3. Astrological Herbalism and Renaissance Medicine in Practice.
  4. Principles of Timing for Harvesting, Decocting, Administration. 

Note: This class is one of our earliest class offerings and may have been recorded before the Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism was formally started. In this handful of classes, the video and audio may be sub-par. Nonetheless, we've included them so you can enjoy and gain from the information you otherwise will not find.

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    1. Intro - Medical Astrology Sun Signs - Video

    2. Intro - Medical Astrology Sun Signs - Audio

    3. Learn More Medical Astrology: Sun Signs

    1. Introduction to Astrology and Herbalism

    2. Learn More about Astrological Medicine & Renaissance Herbalism

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  • 6 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content