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In their acclaimed class on "COVID, the 'Vaccine' and Shedding," Matthew and Phyllis addressed so many questions and concerns. Attendees eagerly drew from their nearly 100 years of professional experience as health practitioners and what they personally experienced and learned since early 2020 regarding this topic, but many questions still remained

To answer the remaining questions - and those that continue to arise as COVID continues and the usual colds, flus, and other ailments continue to circulate -  we offered this series of classes. 

COVID seems to be way more friendly to folks than we'd like. The virus and its effects may live with us for months on end, affecting our health and energy level, not to mention its effect on our body systems. The cardiovascular, immune, nervous, respiratory, endocrine, and reproductive systems seem to be the hardest hit. Many people are suffering from long-hauler symptoms while others are suffering from the side effects of immunization. 

Friends? Who are Covid's friends? Why all those other common viruses and allergens that have been with us for centuries and were in the spotlight pre-COVID and are now reappearing. We have the return of influenza, strep throat, seasonal allergies, and the common cold. We can have each of these separately or more than one at the same time. We can check with doctors, but that won't help us match our conditions with known remedies. What can we do to differentiate one virus or microbial infection from another? Well, we look at the symptoms, the color and consistency of the mucus, the sensations in the throat, ears, lungs, muscles, locations, etc. Then we try to match symptoms to remedies

With COVID and Friends in our environment, Matt and Phyllis recognize that our communities are still in as much need, if not more, than ever.


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    Handouts or additional resources (may not be included with all classes). A coupon code for $28 off COVID, the "Vaccine," & Shedding.

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    Review content, re-watch recordings, ask questions, and discuss with fellow students and teachers.

  • 12 hours of teaching

    Seven 2-hour classes with Q&A. Additional questions can be asked in the course discussion.


    1. Welcome Message

    1. *Bonus* 2020 COVID Discussions/Materials

    1. Covid, Viruses, and Long-Haulers - Video & Resources

    2. Covid, Viruses, and Long-Haulers - Audio

    1. Covid and the Body System - Video & Resources

    2. Covid and the Body System - Audio

    1. Covid and Immunization Reactions - Video and Resources

    2. Covid and Immunization Reactions - Audio

    1. Influenza and Strep Throat - Video and Resources

    2. Influenza and Strep Throat - Audio

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Matthew Wood's documents are not downloadable. Please note that Matthew often adds manuscripts of upcoming books and is allowing students early access to these works-in-progress; therefore, they are available as 'view-only' documents and are not downloadable.



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in discussions on COVID, other common ailments, and herbs.

Includes coupon code for $28 off of COVID, the "Vaccine," & Shedding class. Get it for original early bird price!

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. These are insights from two herbalists, their decades of traditional and clinical herbal experience, and their personal and clinical experience with those diagnosed with Covid, Covid-like symptoms, and other viral and bacterial illnesses. Each person, attending or not attending this lecture, is responsible for their health.

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along with a monthly look at the endemic COVID.