Cancer Journey

with Herbalist and Cancer Survivor Mary Pat Palmer 

and Herbalist Matthew Wood

We begin by laying out the basic physiology of cancer. The growth of cancer involves the extracellular matrix and this was not understood until the early twenty-first century. A reading on this will be provided. 

Mary Pat discusses her own case, starting with a dangerous condition in her colon that was pointed out to her by herbalist William LeSassier. He sent her to oncology. She discusses the subsequent course she took and why she made her decisions; and the herbs she used. 

We also share some amazing histories.

Then discuss many herbs traditionally and reputedly used for cancer, including: Lady’s Thumb (Polygonum persicaria), Red Clover, Violet, Ground Ivy, Echinacea, Chaga (and mushrooms in general), Raw Sesame Seed, Oak bark (for lymphedema from mastectomy; not for cancer per se), and Nigella (immune support; standard practice in Saudi Arabia for cancer patients). 

* NOTE - This is not medical advice. We will be sharing personal accounts and case histories of those who credit herbs to helping in their Cancer Journey.


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• A layout of the basic physiology of what modern medicine defines as cancer

• Case histories of diagnosed cancer patients

• Herbal remedies used by cancer survivors for symptoms of cancer

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About our Co-teacher Mary Pat Palmer


I am a Northern California herbalist who has been diagnosed with cancer twice. The first time in 2001, Colon Cancer, was true and after surgery I was told I would die without chemotherapy. I chose herbs, mushrooms and acupuncture and am quite alive. The second time was about 2010 and was Ovarian Cancer following a burst ovarian cyst and a CA125 test that was very high. That is a very unreliable test, so I decided against a hysterectomy in favor of herbs and mushrooms. It took four months to get way below the marker.

My herbalist friends have been invaluable beginning with William Le Sassier who diagnosed me in a class on facial diagnosis. 

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