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with Judith Hill and Matthew Wood

This introductory course brings together one of the luminaries of modern herbalism with one of the shining stars of astrological medicine.  Both share a deep interest and knowledge of the history of astrological, herbal, and Renaissance medicine, as well as the closely related "Nature Wisdom" (Natura Sophia) movement.  

Together they comprise nearly a hundred years of herbal, healing, and astrological wisdom.  

This class will place the subject within its historical milieu but then quickly move on to the discussion of practical herbal lore related to astrology, gemstones and metals of the seven planets, planting, making, and administering medicine by the stars, surgical dates, concluding with a discussion of chart reading.  

While this class is introductory in scope, it is also highly practical. 

Introduction to Astrology and Herbalism.  FREE.   Matt and Judith will be discussing and sharing what the series of classes will be about, their backgrounds in the topic, maybe a few stories and how we make the connection of Astrology to Herbalism. Ancient identification of stars with plants, animals, people, gemstones.  Star lore and wisdom.  In Native American teaching Star Woman descended to Eldest Turtle, bringing the stars or archetypes of creation to the earth.  In European teachings, it is Sophia or Wisdom who embraces star lore, plant lore, and earth lore.  This “ Wisdom of Nature” or Natura Sophia culminated in the Renaissance, the “golden age” of astrological herbalism.”  

Watch a summary video here. Complete FREE Intro. in Course Curriculum below.

1. Foundations of Astrology and Herbalism.   Solar Herbs: Angelica, Rosemary, and Calendula.  Solar Gem: Ruby.  Solar Metal: Gold.  As above, so below.  Similars and contraries.   Signatures and correspondences. “The Lost Etiologies,” i.e.,  forgotten causes of disease (“accident-proneness,” etc.)  Lunar Herbs: Marshmallow Root, Chickweed, Cucumber Water.  Lunar Gem: Pearl.  Lunar Metal:  Silver.   Astrology and medicine; partners since ancient Greece and Rome, culminating in the early Renaissance.  When science was astrology: the ten spheres surrounding the earth: ancient cosmology, astrology, and science.  The origins of ancient astrology: work by Robert Schmidt and Ellen Black. 

2.  Astrological Classification of Plants, Organs, Diseases.    The Grand Man of the Zodiac and the twelve major organ systems of the body.  Medical and medicinal properties of the planets and signs. Mars Metal: Iron.  Gem: Red Coral.  Herbs: Cayenne, Yarrow, Gentian. Venus Metal: Copper. Herbs: Peach, Rose (Venus and Mars), Lady’s Mantle.  Gem: White Diamond.  Metal of Mercury: Mercury.  Gem: Green Emerald.  Herbs: Fennel, Alfalfa, Oatstraw. Jupiter: Metal: Tin.  Gem: Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Topaz.   Herbs: Dandelion, Burdock, Fenugreek.  Saturn Metal: Lead.  Gem: Blue Sapphire. Herbs: Horsetail, Oak Bark, Blackberry.

3. Astrological Herbalism and Renaissance Medicine in Practice.    Planets in signs.  Astrological chart reading for assessment.  Surgery dates. 

4. Principles of Timing for Harvesting, Decocting, Administration.  Planetary Hours is not as strongly effective as any of these methods:  Moon-Planet conjunctions, Planets conjunct angles, Moon-Planet conjunctions on angles (best!); Moon in sign required, Moon in element required (Blagrave).  Planetary Hours are the “layman’s” method, based on the thinnest ice, and widely popularized because laymen didn’t have access to ephemerides. The method is ancient but flimsy and in practice, hardly noticeable. 

Course curriculum

8 Hours of Herbal History and Philosophy

10 Hours of Unique Herbal and Astrological Teaching

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