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Tara Baklund
Tara Baklund
Online Content Developer for Matthew Wood

About the instructor

Embarrassing and troublesome digestive issues, painful skin problems and lack of physical ability and stamina as a child motivated Tara from a very young age to find solutions that doctors could not. Tara considers herself to have been "blessed with a troubled body" which lead her down a life-long journey of studying natural means of healing - AND becoming the healthy person she wanted to be: physically, mentally and emotionally. Her driving desire is to continue to feel the best that she can and to help others on their wellness journey. Website Book

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July Class - See date and time below

My Favorite Tech. Tools for online business.

August Class - date and time TBA

Content Marketing - Building your audience, credibility and brand. What it is, several ways to do it, and why to do it.

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Course Contents

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Course Curriculum

My Favorite Tech Tools - Online Class - July 24th 12 noon - 2pm Central Time