Discovery that the ECM is the regulatory system for the cells is astonishing and revolutionary; 

and it overthrows the cell theory and established holism on a sound, scientific footing...

Simultaneously showing that reductionism (study and therapy based on the smallest particle) is not the true foundation for treatment but a dangerous side-step. 

Having established this we learn a few more basic principles: 

(1) we need to learn to see the whole

(2) we are justified in treating by organ as well (organ-specificity), which involves us in a mechanical understanding of the body as opposed to a molecular approach, and 

(3) we need to learn to see and treat the polymers of the matrix, the internal biome, and the microbiome on the linings of the body. 

Since holistic practitioners have long been treating the whole and the organ, and often thinking mechanically about organ relationships, the main subject of this class will be how to visualize and strengthen the matrix itself. It involves the use of mucilages (which are slurries of matrix polymers from plants) and the use of astringents to tone the mucosa and microbiome. And mushrooms—they possess polysaccharides or polymers just like the ECM and now we can perhaps begin to see their influence more directly. 

Who is this class for?

This class is suitable for students of all levels and practitioners in various realms of the health field.


There are no pre-requisites, but the resources on this page will be very helpful, in addition to the Free Preview below.


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Sunday, December 5th

7:30 - 10:00 pm US Central (Chicago time)

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We use the online webinar service, Zoom

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What is the class like?

Classes are held online in a webinar format. Students will view and hear only the teachers and hosts and can participate in the online chat and Q&A. 

Please NOTE. This will be a recorded at a live event at Gathering Thyme Herb School in California and will be broadcasted similar to how the majority of our webinars are conducted, from Matt's computer. While we will do our best to prevent issues, there may be background noise from the audience or similarly, it may be difficult to hear comments and questions, for example.

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