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Robert Schmidt - Project Hindsight


The current focus of Project Hindsight is the astrology of the Hellenistic period. This is the astrology that developed in Egypt and the surrounding Mediterranean area after the Alexandrian conquest and persisted through the Roman period. It is the primary source of all later Western astrology.

Our research effort involves:

  • Reconstructing the actual practice of Hellenistic astrology in detail.
  • Uncovering the original theoretical foundation behind this ancient discipline.
  • Tracing the transmission of this original doctrine down through the centuries.

Our educational direction is twofold:

  • To educate modern astrologers in the theory and practice of Hellenistic astrology.
  • To draw out the broader implications of this material and attract non-astrologers to the study of this field.

About Project Hindsight

Project Hindsight was begun in 1993 to translate and interpret the surviving texts of the Western astrological tradition. 

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