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Matthew Wood and Phyllis Light, later joined by their friend, Lise Wolff, herbalists with more than a hundred years of clinical experience between them, lays out in simple, easy-to-digest terms, one of the most complex, but essential, and least well-understood subjects in herbal medicine and biomedicine: the hormonal and reproductive systems.

This is an enormous topic, and although these teachers are known for reducing complex medical and herbal conceptions to simple-to-digest, holistic, and clinical descriptions, the subjects need to be introduced slowly in an easy-to-assimilate order.

We, therefore start with the essential mineral iodine, the driver of evolution and the “creator of the thyroid."

In the first two classes, we discuss iodine and the thyroid and review our lengthy experience with treatment protocols which have proved successful in our experience in the clinic with every type of thyroid imbalance. This provides a platform for digging into the most complex system of the body, the endocrine/hormonal.

Beginning with a class on fundamentals - stress, adaptation, homeostasis, balance, and imbalance - we move to an overview of the basic adrenal regulatory system. When the endocrine system was first uncovered in the first half of the twentieth century, the connection to constitutional typology was clear - an impulse later lost in the development of biomedicine. We lay out the relationships between neuroendocrine regulation and constitutional type. 

That, however, may be the last we hear of holistic and constitutional thinking for a while as we plunge into a subject that so often defies holistic analysis: a portrayal of the hormones and effects of the endocrine cascade (hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, gonads) and then the additional interactions with the hormones of the heart and ‘outlying’ endocrine organs like the pancreas.

Where possible, we provide the holistic, pattern-based analysis which we have had to fill in, working with the hormones from a holistic perspective.

This establishes a base for a discussion of the female reproductive tract. And yet, it does not! The female reproductive tract is regulated by complex hormones but consists of tissues and organs which so often need attention. But these tissues need to be looked at from a completely different angle - one that is overlooked entirely by modern biomedicine. We need an understanding of the female reproductive system from a mechanical, muscular/skeletal perspective involving the treatment of tendons, ligaments, muscles, mucosa, liver metabolism of hormones, and imbalances in terms of hot and cold, tense, and relaxed, damp and dry. In this segment, Lise Wolff joins us with her sometimes confirmatory, sometimes different,  experience with the system.

At the end of this section, we have a freestanding class on fertility in which all three teachers have had years of success in scores or hundreds of cases.

And finally, not to be overlooked, a class on the male reproductive system (so much easier to treat, especially with the endocrine background filled in) rounds out the full course.

The Heritage Gift of the Native American Female Medicines

One of the exciting topics covered in these classes is the dozen-or-so great female remedies of Western herbalism, almost all of which come into the tradition from Native American practice via white and black midwives.

The use of these herbs is in some measure a ‘lost tradition,’ as the very idea that the female system (or even the male) can be treated with herbs' cultural preconceptions. There are, for instance, only a handful of ‘female medicines’ in European, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbalism. (These too, will be included!)

We want our students to carry on this invaluable ‘heritage gift’ of Native wisdom, which has helped so many women down through the passage of time. Other teachers and books, we notice, often rely on modern vitamin and mineral supplements, not realizing the existence and power of these medicinal plants.

FREE Starter Materials

    1. Patterns of Hormonal and Reproductive Imbalance by Matthew Wood and Phyllis D. Light (version 9.1.21) (21 pages, not downloadable)

    2. Herpes by Matthew Wood, MS (new document added March 22, 2022) (3 pages, not downloadable)

    3. Free Preview of "Iodine, Evolution & Thyroid" and "Herbalism and Thyroid Intensive" - Video

    4. Free Preview of "Iodine, Evolution & Thyroid" and "Herbalism and Thyroid Intensive" - Audio

    5. Free Preview of "Iodine, Evolution & Thyroid" and "Herbalism and Thyroid Intensive" - Transcript

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    7. Free Female Reproductive System Intro Class - Audio

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5 star rating

Literally just changed my life

Jessie Morris

Just had 1/2 my reproductive system removed last week ( endo, cysts, etc.) dealt with cuts on my corner of my lip for well years and years back and forth, j...

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Just had 1/2 my reproductive system removed last week ( endo, cysts, etc.) dealt with cuts on my corner of my lip for well years and years back and forth, just had one pop up yesterday actually....as well as spots on my chin. And this paper just helped me figure out why all that has been happening to me. As well as some information on ways to fix it. Thank you so much.

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5 star rating

Iodine, Thyroid, Endocrine, reproductive and fertility

Serena DeHaven

Well done, certainly enjoyed the thoroughly explain material and joyful personalities!

Well done, certainly enjoyed the thoroughly explain material and joyful personalities!

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