Meet famous plants everywhere you walk

with Lise Wolff RH (AHG), MSc. in Herbalism University of Wales

Plant Walks series is part of the Three Season Program which Lise has been teaching for over 20 years! Now, it's available online for you to learn and enjoy at your convenience!

The Plant Walks take place in Minnesota, at the northern end of the Big Woods ecological region of Eastern North America, an area from which Western herbalism obtained a huge number of herbs from the Indigenous Peoples or from the exploration of the woods directly.  The area is also home to the classic herbs of Northern Europe (UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, temperate parts of Russia), as they were intentionally, or unintentionally brought over by settlers.  Therefore this covers a lot of the traditional plants used in Western herbal medicine and it is worthwhile to know these herbs.  This is a cool temperate region and therefore will not cover many of the Mediterranean plants which would be characteristic of southern Europe and Australia.

Learn How to...

- Identify 100+ plants by their appearance and by their Botanical Latin names

- Differentiate common look-alike plants

- Know which plants you can use as medicinals, which are good for eating (wild edibles) and which are actually both

- Which part of the plant to harvest for medicine making, when to harvest, and how to make tinctures, infused oils, and flower essences

- Plant Signatures: as we see the plant grow, we will build on the signatures and qualities that make this plant medicine

- Learn from amazing stories and case histories!

- And more in the online Discussions (Q&A) with the teacher and other students.

Two Convenient Payment Options

Monthly (recurring) and 1-year (non-recurring) rental options

For those of you who like details... see below.

About Lise

Since 1991, Lise has studied with leading herbalists throughout the United States and has practiced professionally since completing an apprenticeship with Matthew Wood in 1995. Lise is one of only 200 herbalists nationwide to have been approved as a Registered Herbalist, denoting professional level membership in the American Herbalist Guild. The Guild, which assures a standard of excellence for practitioners through a peer review membership process, is the largest professional botanical medicine organization in the United States.

Lise holds a Bachelors Degree from Macalaster College and in 2008 graduated from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in Herbalism, the highest level of academic training available in the profession.

In her practice, Lise focuses on the nutritional and healing powers of local plants which she gathers and prepares to supply her apothecary. Lise maintains her practice in south Minneapolis and is available for private consultations.

Since 1995, she has offered beginning and advanced herb classes. Upon invitation, Lise has also offered courses sponsored by institutions such as Bakken Museum, Carleton College, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the University of Minnesota Compleat Scholar Program and LearningLife non-credit program.

Fall 2010 Lise was appointed to the academic faculty of St. Catherine University. As adjunct professor, she taught the Herbology course for the Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies until 2016.

Since 2010, Lise has been co-teaching a course a the University of Minnesota through the Center of Spirituality and Healing as part of the School of Nursing, previously curriculum for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice, now open to the full University.

Lise co-teaches the Tongue Assessment Course with Matthew Wood.

Learn more about Lise and her full Three Seasons Program at her website.

Writing about the full program, Lise says, "Three Seasons is a series designed to teach students to view the plant world through the herbalist’s lens. We will begin in late winter, before the tree buds burst open, continue through the full flush of summer, and end in late fall, when those same trees have lost their leaves and frost crunches underfoot. This structure allows students to experience the plants in their many phases of growth and affords time, as the plants grow and develop, to practice and integrate what has been learned. The full program has historically taken ten and a half months to cycle through the full seasons. Yes. That is more than 3 Seasons. I know."

How this works...

We are currently filming and building the complete the "Plant Walks with Lise Wolff" program, which will include these Plant Walks as well as Lectures to prepare a student to earn a certificate in this course.

The Details:

- You will have unlimited access to all content available during your rental period (monthly or yearly).

- This Plant Walks (only) version will not include Lise's full Materia Medica, lectures, or handouts. If these materials are added, consider them bonus material. 

- New content will be added every 2-3 weeks (perhaps only once per month in the winter months) and will be a couple of weeks behind the plants' growth. Most of the content will still be applicable despite being slightly behind the plant growth. You will also have plenty of notes of what to prepare for next year! Paying students will be notified by email when new content is added.

- New content will be added to this Plant Walks series until April 2021.

- Testing and certificates will not be offered with this Plant Walks (only) version.

- This is a large project. Lise has been teaching this program for 22 years. None of the above is guaranteed in this timeframe. We feel confident it will all be complete in this time, but cannot make guarantees.

- Content may move around without notice as we decide the best way to present the material to aid in learning as well as for ease-of-use. 

- By the way, the videos are amazing! They are high definition videos; you can see plants like you can't see with the naked eye! Watch them on a big screen!

Start at anytime! Complete the lessons at your own pace. To join for a single month simply subscribe and then unsubscribe right away (see the HELP page for details).

An Amazing Value

- Each Class is the equivalent of several hours of a typical in-person Plant Walk. This content is condensed and edited into multiple short, easy-to-digest videos.

- When complete, this course will be at least 20 Classes of content!


You would pay at least $25 for a 2-hour large-group Plant Walk with Lise. 

Each Plant Walk Class you see in the curriculum is 4-8 hours of a standard Plant Walk (walking around from plant to plant); a $50-$100 value. 

This footage is then edited and condensed down (we do not show you footage of walking from one plant to another, etc.) into short videos. So, what is 2 hours of edited content would take 8-12 hours to cover in a typical Plant Walk.

For Example: Classes 1 & 2 equal 2.5 hours of edited footage. It  would normally take 10 hours of a typical Plant Walk to cover all this material, a $125 value! Classes 1 & 2 cover 38 plants! There are 84 plants covered from Early Spring through Early Summer plant walks!

Two Convenient Payment Options

Monthly (recurring) and 1-year (non-recurring) rental options

There is a progression of content:

1) FREE PREVIEWS - (Available. Sign up for the free previews HERE.

2)  Plant Walks - 

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3)  The Plant Walks are part of Lise Wolff's program "3 Seasons of Herbal Wisdom." Contact Lise for details on this program.

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Plant Walks with Lise Wolff

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5 star rating

Never a dull moment!


Lise is so fully alive with the plants, even recorded! I think I'll watch these all over again.

Lise is so fully alive with the plants, even recorded! I think I'll watch these all over again.

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5 star rating

3 Season Plant Walks

Megan Bodane

So fun and informative! Great class, Lise! I appreciated the humor throughout the walks. The video work was excellent as well, with close-ups and lingerin...

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So fun and informative! Great class, Lise! I appreciated the humor throughout the walks. The video work was excellent as well, with close-ups and lingering shots of the plants.

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5 star rating

Early Spring Plant walks with Lise Wolff

Diane Secor

I love this course and am learning so much! The way Lise explains plants and their uses is brilliant. I find all the medicinal uses of so many common weeds p...

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I love this course and am learning so much! The way Lise explains plants and their uses is brilliant. I find all the medicinal uses of so many common weeds particularly interesting, and look forward to touching, tasting and smelling (and tincturing) many of them growing in my backyard!

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