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We are fortunate to have a variety of unique classes by Matthew and esteemed colleagues in this Library. Some of these classes are our first and earliest recordings, from before the creation of this online Institute. Thankfully we were at some of these early teachings to capture them in time on video. We are also grateful that Matthew makes the effort to open his computer to record, and arranges to connect to oftentimes sketchy internet in the remote places that he teaches, so that we may enjoy these classes with him at our convenience.

For Premium content that was recorded with new video and audio equipment purchased in early 2018 - see the Intermediate Herbal Medicine Course

Contents may change at any time.

"The tools we use in complementary and alternative medicine are weak compared to those used by biomedicine. However, they can perform miracles... How is this possible? It is because our tools work with one of the most powerful forces available, the energy of life or Nature herself."

~Matthew Wood~